Why must we teach our children about heroes and heroines from all religions and races?

Why must we teach our children about heroes and heroines from all religions and races?


In today’s diverse British culture, we see a wide range of groups from different religions & race and every group of people have their own culture and traditions. Today we will look at why it is important to explore why it would be important to teach our children about heroes and heroines from all religions & race and colour because this will lead to tolerance of each other for the generations to come.


Our history books are full of stories of heroes and heroines that made history. They inspire and guide us, providing role models and a source of information on how to live life. What is a hero, or heroine? What do they do that makes them such? How do our heroes today compare to those of yesteryear? These are important questions.
Often if you ask someone what a hero or heroine is they will immediately identify someone such as Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Tom cruise or footballers such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the real heroes and heroines that make a difference and actually teach us something important are often left out for fictional characters or famous stars. It is important for children to realise that the real hero’s and heroines are not just of one ethnicity or religion and that they do not merely fight on TV or win football games and earn lots of money.


Humankind has a history marked by heroes and heroines. Confucius, Ruth, King David, Christ Jesus, Mother Theresa, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Sojouner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Corrie Ten Boom, the list goes on ad infinitum. We observe, study, and follow our heroes and heroines. These heroes and heroines made a difference, they come from different races and religion. A true hero or heroine does not want to be idolized or worshiped. Christ Jesus was remembered to have said, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” (Mark 10:18) Yet, Jesus told people to follow him.

The principles that we learn from the Prophet Muhammads (pbuh) life, Jesus’s life and even Abraham Lincoln show us how other religions, races and colours led their lives and made a difference to society and that they all hold similar principles. These prophets and famous heroes and heroines disregard their own life while taking a stand for the ideals of spirituality and equality which is a inspiration. They show how to choose empathy and altruism over the pursuit of worldly status or control. Learning about them allows us to become better people and hopefully heroes and heroines for generations to come.


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