MCPSC Donors

As you all know we are not for profit group working for a better community, we rely on non-paid volunteers to make us work. Although this may sound easy, but it is not! Performing efficiently with only a group of volunteers is next to impossible as most of our lives have their own 9-5 jobs, families and other responsibilities. So we have to keep a minimum of permanent paid staff to manage the mandatory stuff like accounts, taxes & events management. However more than 85% of our staff is still made up of dedicated volunteers who take out their precious time to make MCPSC a success.

Similarly we rely on public donations. We don’t apply for government grants to keep our independence. We would appreciate if all of our supporters could even donate as little as a fiver to help make our goals a reality. Although we don’t have a permanent office, but renting halls for events, paying for some speakers, food and transportation can still cost quite a lot. We also have been approached by a few commercial donors who have similar values as that of MCPS Curriculum donors. We will be using this page to mention a bit about them, so if you would like to be listed on this page, kindly get in touch for a donation.


Hidden Pearls – Hijab Shop in UK

Hidden Pearls has recently started helping us in various efforts to promote MCPSC. I would like to thank them on behalf of our group for generous and continued donations. May Allah bless them inshaAllah.

Hidden Pearls is a hijab store based in London. Now to their story in their own words “Hidden Pearls started in January of 2015. Reason that there were no good hijabs to be found in UK. When we did find good hijabs, they were extremely over-priced & the quality wasn’t very good too. Out of this frustration, Hidden Pearls was born. We have grown very quickly over the period of years alhamdulillah. We are also now partnering all the major universities in UK! We are definitely very pleased with the great works the guys at MCPSC do and it is our pleasure to help them in whatever way we can”

We would like to list a few of their products at their request:

  • Different types of Hijabs
  • Hijab Pins
  • Islamic Gifts
  • Eid Gifts
  • Scarves
  • Underscarves
  • Handbags & Purses

Please go and visit Hidden Pearls and buy Hijabs from their shop and this way you would actually be supporting our cause!