About Us

Muslim Christian Partnership on School Curriculum (MCPSC) is an independent, not-for-profit group advocating for a change in national curriculum in whole of UK. Islam & Christianity are faiths that have combined followers in excess of 4 Billion! However there does not appear to be any body working together on what we could with our younger generation to promote better understanding, tolerance and a harmonious amongst the followers of two Abrahamic faiths. MCPSC goals are quite simple and common-sense in our opinion. They are:

  • To bring Muslim and Christian brothers & sisters together and break down the communication barriers that keep us distant and fearful of one another.
  • To allow Muslims and Christians to form an alliance and partnership to campaign for our kids future and for a better and harmonious future for the World they will live in. We campaign to introduce changes to national curriculum country-wide to not only teach children about national history but also inform our kids about the common factors of Islam, Christianity and other major religions hence introducing the next generation the knowledge and skills required for peaceful co-existence.
  • To provide a platform for enhanced cooperation and more alliances in the future. The members of MCPSC has found ways to partner on many projects of common interest beyond the original intent of this partnership and share fellowship with one another as our bonds of brotherhood deepens.